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Intellect's Intellect eFreight solution has been designed and developed to provide accessibility, integration, manageable workflows, performance, and scalability. Taking advantage of the most advanced technologies, Intellect eFreight is a highly flexible solution and can be configured to be deployed globally, regionally or locally.

The Intellect eFreight feature rich approach provides an excellent ROI and benefits:

Increased Productivity -The integrated workflow reduces the time and cost to process each transaction from Quotes, to Booking, to Shipping Instructions, and BOL.

Increased Efficiencies – Reducing data entry reduces transaction errors. Errors cost money to correct and have a direct effect on revenue margins.

Reduced Operating Costs – Single entry processes allow for increased production without additional operators. Greater accuracy reduces the cost to correct errors.

Increased Visibility – Full e-commerce capabilities allow for efficient capturing and reporting of shipment event transactions. Customers have direct access 24X7.

Improves Customer Satisfaction – The increased efficiencies provided by eFreight, along with the direct access provided through the Customer Portal, increases the value of your services provided.

Intellect eFreight comprises an Air Freight System module, a Sea Freight System (Ocean Freight module) module and a Land Freight system module to provide an integrated logistics solution. This is ideal for the integrated supply chain management arena. It has an integrated cargo consolidation system which provides a cargo consolidation solution for all modes of transport and is considered a complete Global Logistics Platform. In fact, it provides complete cargo solutions for the Freight Forwarder/NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier System) with a complete Freight Fulfillment Software package. It enables the provision of Freight Forwarding Services through the Freight Forwarding software for the following areas.

Export Freight Forwarding System (Export Shipping System) which covers the Global Export Process
Supply Chain Inventory Management / Supply Chain Logistics Management
Integration of Freight Forwarding And Shipping Solutions
Logistics Planning software/Logistics Forecasting software
TMS – Transportation Management Software/ Transport Management Solutions/ Transport Management Systems/ Transport Management Services
WMS – Warehouse Management Systems
Web Based Freight Forwarding Solutions/ Web Based International Logistic Portal
International Freight Consolidation System/ International Freight Forwarding/International Freight Forwarding Software/International Freight Forwarding System
Logistics Management System/ Logistics Solutions/ Logistic Systems
Supply Chain Management/ Supply Chain Management Solution/ Supply Chain Management System/ Supply Chain Solutions
Web Based Freight Forwarding Solutions/ Web Based International Logistic Portal

The above options give the complete Freight Forwarding solution in an easy to use Freight Forwarding system. In fact, Intellect eFreight provides the complete Freight Management System through its Freight Management software. This is enabled by web technologies which build a global logistics platform for global freight forwarding. Intellect’s system provides both export and import freight forwarding system. The import shipping system has all the required functionality for the importer. We are sure you will agree that once you have seen a presentation of the system.

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